Brugg Lifting

Elevator ropes from BRUGG LIFTING.
CTP®. Coated Transmission Products.

A world first, CTP® unites technological innovation for the highest demands. This high-end rope is unbeatable in terms of function and efficiency. See for yourself:

Reduce your total cost by up to 40%.
A smaller rope diameter and a smaller drive allow for a reduction of capital and operating cost.

Reduce your maintenance cost by up to 100%.
CTP® is a self-contained system which requires neither lubrication nor maintenance.

Enjoy a clearly improved travelling comfort.
The polymer coating eliminates or strongly absorbs vibrations, which significantly contributes to a smooth running.

Increase the service life by at least the 3-fold.
Since the traction sheave and the elevator rope is not subject to wear, the frequency of rope replacement and the related costs are reduced.


Steel core rope with coated transmission, 6 strands, separate lay

6x19W-IWRC 2600 sZ (RRL)

≤ 75 m
≤ 250 ft
  Technical data lifting height
x106 psi
E-Module Elastic
For highest demands on elongation, riding comfort and service life.
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